Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Morning Update!

Sorry we missed the webcam...blew right by it and didn't have the energy to go back! Yesterday was tough on all of us...we are going to take it easy today! Had a great breakfast and now we are heading out for an easy ride down the coast!

Brian says...all is going well, even though I got clipped by the motorcycle, I was just a little ticked off, it's all good. I almost caught up to him Depot Bay, but he still kept running like a sissy! Hi Jessica! Depot bay was great...saw some whales spouting.

Day 4 into the Ride!!! Everything feels ooooooooooh so great . . . except my tushy is getting a little sore. OUCHY!!! I think next summer I will get a bike seat . . . very similar to a Lazy Boy! Beautiful views everywhere we look; and I am still holding out for a nice sunny day on the beach. Fingers crossed on that one. Alrighty we are off to ride like the Wind . . . . phew. Later. Miss Mandy. Hey Braedyn . . . can't wait to give you snuggles soon!!!

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Lisa said...

Brian got hit by a motorcycle???? Geez, I hope he's OK. EZ - How's your knee? Mark - Have the bikes settled down? Try taking your's into your sleeping bag tonight and see if that helps.
We miss you guys. Please be careful with all the crazies out there (the one's crazier than you, that is). Thanks for the postings. They help us live your adventure vicariously, since we're all to broken and/or lazy to join you. All our love, Lisa