Saturday, July 19, 2008

We made it to Astoria!

Hola all,
Eric here. Well, we made it to Astoria after a 4 hour delay due to Enterprise not having a truck for us! After a bit of scrambling, we managed to get 2 vans for the same that was cool and it all worked out! We eventually met up with Jerry at our campground in Fort Stevens and had a great night chatting about the ride to come! This morning we woke up to a bit of a drizzle, but we expect it to clear up (fingers crossed) later today. We are now enjoying coffee at the internet cafe and enjoying the heat...then we'll take the vans back and hit the road! More to come later! Here's Mark...

So far so good...the bikes seem restless. One of them got spooked by a dog last night. Hope I don't see that happen again. The squirrels are eye'ing Brian again. I think we better get underway. Jerry will ride ahead and start making salt for the winter. Technology's let us down in this harsh environment - Eric was unable to transmit a photo to the blog; he'll try later. Mark.

Wahoo!!! We are officially beginning the bike tour. We are really roughing it out here . . .as I sip on my Americano and check my email at the internet cafe :D . . . but there is all kinds of rain coming down outside . . . so I guess we will be roughing it soon! Not much to report as of yet. Miss you lots Braedyn boy!!! Later . . . Miss Mandy!

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